Books Across Africa

Goal of “Books for Africa” project is to supply books needed to develop libraries and supports schools for rural women and their families in 80 rural village chapters in The Gambia, West Africa. The annual collection of educational materials and books has been an ongoing project initiated in 2001 by The Frazier Educational Enterprises Foundation. The Five Pearls Foundation became partners in this project in 2005.


  • Money donations
    • For shipping costs
    • For purchasing of supplies
  • Books & Educational supplies
    • Gently used or new books
      • Hard back & Paperback
      • Text books
      • Bound Scholarly Journals (published from 1995 -present)
      • Non-Fiction (i.e., particularly biographies of prominent Africans & African Americans)
      • Fiction
      • Encyclopedias (published from 1995 to present)
      • Dictionary/ Thesaurus
    • Subject areas
      • Geography & History (world, African, African Diaspora, and African American)
      • Mathematics, Technology, Science (environmental, earth, life sciences, physical sciences)
      • Economics
      • Agriculture, Public health, medicinal focused materials
    • Literature (African & African American, classics British)
      • Plays & Poetry
    • Foreign Language - French
  • Educational supplies
    • Pencils, pens, markers, chalk
    • Notebook paper, black/white composition notebooks, spiral notebooks
    • Rulers, protractors
    • Backpacks, school bags
    • Teaching materials
    • Maps
    • Bulletin Board supplies
    • Mathematics manipulatives
    • Science experiments apparatus
    • Other pertinent instructional guides and materials
Items that are not collected
  • No political propaganda (i.e., socialist, communist, Marxist literature)
  • No sexually intimate, erotic, or romance novels, including no materials on
    contraception or sexual behavior.
  • No religious and/or inspirational reading material
  • No western pop-culture magazines
  • No self-help, western psychology materials ( i.e., diet books)
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