Volunteer There are several ways you can volunteer your time to support our programs. We have leadership, programmatic and operational volunteer opportunities and they are all an important part of the work we do here at The Five Pearls Foundation.

Programmatic volunteers actively participate in the execution of the programs we provide for the youth and adult populations whether through direct service or project management.

Our operational volunteer opportunities support the organization by helping us meet our administrative requirements. Opportunities include administrative support for our operations, graphic design for our publications, and consulting services to expand the capacity of the organization.

Leadership volunteers are those who contribute greatly to the advancement of The Foundation’s mission by broadly advocating for the organization in the community and bringing their personal and professional resources to further the mission of the organization. Our leadership volunteers regularly hold The Five Pearls Foundation as one of their philanthropic priorities.

To learn more about the current volunteer opportunities available with the Five Pearls Foundation please view our current volunteer opportunities.

Please Contact us if you would like more information about volunteering with the Five Pearls Foundation in the following area (s):

  • The Storks Nest Program
  • Scholarship Programs
  • Youth and Community Development
  • Books Across Africa
  • Administrative Support
  • Leadership Volunteer